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Address: 2941 S. Highway 59, Merced CA 95341

Water & Land Solutions, LLC was formed in 2018 by Brad Samuelson and Chase Hurley in Merced, California and agricultural land use services.  Brad and Chase come from environmental and agricultural backgrounds.

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Water & Land Solutions is an affiliate of the Ag Center @ 59


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Water & Land Solutions, LLC (WLS) was formed in 2018 by Brad Samuelson and Chase Hurley. Based out of Merced California, the firm provides expertise on a wide range of agricultural water and land use issues. Mr. Hurley comes from an ag production and water resource background; having recently served as the General Manager for San Luis Canal Company for thirteen years. Mr. Samuelson’s previous work experience focused on a wide variety of environmental compliance issues and regulations while working for a large farming organization and an engineering firm.


WLS currently serves its clients on a wide range of issues such as the California Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, supplemental water supply acquisition, due diligence on new land acquisitions, District formation and management, conveyance/distribution facilities, water accounting and drainage management.


The core business philosophy of WLS is based on the ability to organize, manage and understand the people they represent through effectively engaging with neighbors, regulators, agencies and new partners to reach the stated goals and objectives.


Relying on hard work and the idea that “relationships and partnerships” are the backbone of any deal, WLS will continue to grow at the pace of California’s unique and diversified agricultural core.


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