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Address: 2941 S. Highway 59, Merced CA 95341

Water & Land Solutions, LLC was formed in 2018 by Brad Samuelson and Chase Hurley in Merced, California and agricultural land use services.  Brad and Chase come from environmental and agricultural backgrounds.

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Brad Samuelson was born and raised in Merced, California and his family operated Lockwood Seed and Grain.  He attended Sonoma State University and the University of San Francisco and obtained an advanced degree in environmental science. For the last three years he has been immersed in helping the agricultural communities throughout California prepare for the implementation of SGMA by, among other things: 1) evaluating multi-ranch and single farm operations and providing recommendations for water budgeting; 2) planning and implementing water infrastructure projects, including groundwater recharge basins; 3) bringing neighbors together to work on regulatory and water planning issues so as not to pit farmer vs. farmer. If Brad isn't working, he enjoys his family, playing soccer, and charging up and down mountains.

Brad Samuelson

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Managing Member



Chase Hurley was born and raised on a small family farm in Los Banos, Ca. He attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and obtained an Agricultural Marketing degree in 1989, since then has been very active in ag production and water resources for the last thirty years.  From 2004-2017, he was the General Manager of San Luis Canal Company in Dos Palos California where he represented over three hundred San Joaquin River Water Right landowners on a wide variety of resource and policy issues. If Chase isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Chase Hurley

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Managing Member



Mike Gardner was born and raised in Los Banos, California. He attended Merced College for 2 years. Since then Mike has been fully immersed in water resources, working at both Panoche Water/Drainage District and the Grassland Water District. He started Panoche’s first real-time monitoring network, which included 9 real-time stations that monitored flow and water quality using Campbell Scientific dataloggers and software. At Grassland Water District where he was in charge of all outside operations for over 55,000 acres of privately-owned wetlands. The wetlands consisted of 1,000 landowners, 188 duck clubs, and 445 water delivery turnouts. He was in charge of delivering up to 180,000-acre feet of water which was part of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act. Mike has served as a Director of the Los Banos Sportsman’s Association and has volunteered for Ducks Unlimited and the National Rifle Association.

Mike Gardner

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Water Operations Manager


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