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Address: 2941 S. Highway 59, Merced CA 95341

Water & Land Solutions, LLC was formed in 2018 by Brad Samuelson and Chase Hurley in Merced, California and agricultural land use services.  Brad and Chase come from environmental and agricultural backgrounds.

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Water & Land Solutions is an affiliate of the Ag Center @ 59


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"WLS is the first people I call when I'm looking for strategic advice and knowledge. Their "people skills" are second to none."

- Stanley Cotta (Dos Palos, CA.) 209-761-0069

"The passage of SGMA has changed the way farmers have to think about water in California.  WLS has helped my community of farmers understand and prepare for this impending regulatory oversight.  Thanks to WLS--We're organized, engaged, and building projects to stay ahead of the game."

- Simon Vander Woude, Sandy Mush Mutual Water Company


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