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Land Use Consulting

WLS currently serves its clients on a wide range of issues such as:

  • The California Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

  • Supplemental water supply acquisition

  • Due diligence on new land acquisitions

  • District formation and management

  • Conveyance/distribution facilities

  • Water accounting and drainage management


Permitting, Engineering,

and Construction

Consulting with farmers doesn’t build anything.  WLS likes to take concepts and bring them to fruition. WLS takes the next steps and manages the permitting, engineering, and construction.  Our team has extensive experience managing environmental and engineering consultants, as well as small to large public and private construction projects.


Project Financing

Multi-beneficial projects often lack the diversity of capital to get them built in a timely manner.  WLS has access to public and private markets and can bring them to the table. 


Land Acquisition & Financing

Many ranches are diamonds in the rough. WLS has the expertise to identify opportunity, implement change, and thus maximize returns.

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